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Reviews for River Forest, IL Ophthalmologist Scott Kirk, MD Presbyopia Services

The team at Kirk Eye Center is dedicated to providing a wide range of eye care services to meet your unique vision needs. We are a family-owned practice founded more than 50 years ago, currently spanning three generations of doctors. Over the years, many patients have trusted us to provide high-quality ophthalmology care in a safe and attentive environment. We invite you to take a look at our patient feedback to learn more about what you can expect when you visit us in River Forest or Gurnee, IL.

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Review from R.N.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Sep 25, 2014

I recently went in to see if I could get Lasik.  I had perfect vision growing up and with age, I noticed my vision getting worse (Presbyopia).  First cheaters in my 40s and then monovision and then bifocal contacts and glasses.  Then I node my general vision was also declining.  At age 58, this was not how I wanted to continue.After an extensive exam, Dr. Kirk advised me that I wasn’t a "good candidate for Lasik" as he noted an early onset of cataracts. It was not immediately noticeable and there was no cloudiness.  Dr. Kirk told me the first clue, which resulted in a much more detailed exam was  that my prescription changed a full 2 diopters in one year and that was a sign of possible cataracts.  A less detailed exam might not have picked this up until they were more developed.  My vision would only continue to get worse and undo the good of the Laisik. While the cataracts would not become an issue for perhaps 15 years, I would need to stay in glasses or contacts and have worsening vision each year.  The proposed long-term solution would be to have cataract surgery and then have bifocal lenses implanted.  Considered elective surgery, it was costlier than Lasik, but it was a "lifetime" solution, meaning my vision would never worsen after the surgery.After independent research, I agreed and have had both eyes repaired.  I had the "Restore" IOLs implanted.  Their staff are all very helpful and I had all of my concerns addressed.  They did not make promises of perfect vision, only that I would see an great improvement.  This type of procedure also meant I would never develop cataracts.The eyes were done one at a time, two weeks apart.  The procedures were totally pain free.  I did decline any sedation, as I wanted to fully understand what was happening.  There was no need for it.  The  doctors (Scott for the first and Kent for the second) both made sure I understood everything that was going on.  The follow up care was excellent.The best way to describe the results are miraculous!  I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and am totally free of any additional eyewear (including cheaters).  I also noticed that I no longer saw "floaters" which I had begun to see over the past year.  I have crystal clear vision and good not be happier. More

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