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Review our articles for more information on vision care as well as handy post-surgery advice for a speedy recovery.

What Are the Signs You Have Double Vision?

Scott Kirk, MD | 05/19/2023

The primary symptom of double vision, or diplopia, is seeing two images of the same subject at the same time.


When Can Patients Drive After LASIK?

Scott Kirk, MD | 05/12/2023

You may be able to drive within a few days of your LASIK vision correction surgery, though everyone’s timeline is patient-specific.


How to Choose which Premium IOL is Best for You

Scott Kirk, MD | 04/24/2023

We offer our patients an extensive selection of IOLs (intraocular lenses) to help meet their needs and correct various eye and visual disorders.


Learn the Dos and Don'ts After Cataract Surgery

Scott Kirk, MD | 04/08/2023

Learn the dos and don'ts of laser cataract surgery to enjoy optimal results and clear, life-changing vision.


What is Recovery Like After Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery?

Scott Kirk, MD | 03/28/2023

Laser-assisted cataract surgery produces immediate improved vision, and the healing period may take 1 – 2 months. Learn more about the recovery here.


How LASIK Surgery Can Improve Your Vision and Change Your Life

Scott Kirk, MD | 03/17/2023

LASIK can clear your vision and change your life by resolving refractive disorders, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


What are the Best Premium IOLs for Night Vision While Driving?

Scott Kirk, MD | 02/28/2023

TECNIS® Eyhance™ Toric IOLs and TECNIS Multifocal IOLs help meet our Chicago-area patients' needs, including improved night vision while driving.


Will Refractive Lens Exchange Address My Myopia?

Scott Kirk, MD | 02/11/2023

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) can resolve multiple refractive disorders, including myopia, also known as nearsightedness.


Who are the Best Candidates for PRK?

Scott Kirk, MD | 01/22/2023

PRK can offer perfect vision to patients with thin corneas, ocular disorders, higher prescriptions, or active or hazardous lifestyles.


Which Premium IOL is Best for Astigmatism?

Scott Kirk, MD | 01/14/2023

Toric premium IOLs (intraocular lenses) use a double-convex design to resolve astigmatism while providing clear vision after cataract surgery.


The Multifunctional TECNIS® Symfony IOL Can Address Many Vision Issues

Scott Kirk, MD | 12/29/2022

TECNIS Symfony premium IOLs can improve your vision at multiple ranges while resolving cataracts, astigmatism, and presbyopia.


Is LASIK Safe for Seniors?

Scott Kirk, MD | 12/11/2022

Our LASIK laser-based vision correction system offers wonderfully safe and effective results for patients of all ages.


Will Cataract Surgery Improve Vision Range?

Scott Kirk, MD | 11/25/2022

Cataract surgery can remove cataracts clouding your vision and dramatically improve your visual range and acuity.


Should Patients Continue Driving With Cataracts?

Scott Kirk, MD | 11/18/2022

Some patients with cataracts can continue driving if their cataracts are in the early stages, but it’s vital to seek a professional evaluation first.


Should Cataract Patients Smoke?

Scott Kirk, MD | 10/27/2022

Smoking cigarettes doubles or triples one’s risk of developing cataracts and accelerates vision loss in patients who already have cataracts.


What Vision Complications Could I Experience After LASIK?

Scott Kirk, MD | 10/22/2022

Over the few days following LASIK, patients may experience blurriness, glare, halos, and ocular discomfort as the eyes heal.


Can Too Much Sunlight Speed up Cataract Development?

Scott Kirk, MD | 09/24/2022

The UV radiation from the sun can damage the proteins in the eye's lens, contributing to the formation of cataracts.


Can Cataracts Cause Nearsighted Vision?

Scott Kirk, MD | 09/09/2022

In some cases, cataracts can cause nearsighted vision, but if left untreated, they can lead to further vision loss and, eventually, blindness.


Should You Fast Before Cataract Surgery?

Scott Kirk, MD | 08/19/2022

It may be necessary to fast for a certain period prior to cataract surgery, though we can offer more specific details after your consultation.


Can I Get LASIK Surgery While Pregnant?

Scott Kirk, MD | 08/11/2022

Correct your vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts with LASIK surgery. Find out if you are a candidate for this laser treatment in Chicago.


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