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What is Blepharoplasty?

Sometimes, an abundance of skin around the eyes can create an unflattering facial appearance. Kirk Eye Center offers eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty) to reduce excess skin and rejuvenate the lower or upper eyelid, creating a softer look. Many men and women can receive eyelid surgery to remove sagging skin, leading to improved function and appearance. Whether upper or lower, eyelid surgery creates a softer, younger appearance and can produce natural yet striking improvements. If you're interested in refreshing your eyes with an eye lift to remove excess skin, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our ophthalmologists in River Forest or Gurnee, IL.

What Are the Benefits Of Eyelid Surgery?

A personalized blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) at Kirk Eye Center offers both aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Improves vision by expanding line of sight
  • Removes excess droopy, saggy skin
  • Reduces bulging under-eye bags
  • Achieves a more awake, alert look
  • Increases eye comfort
  • Results are natural-looking and long-lasting
  • Recovery time is short

Am I A Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is a facial cosmetic enhancement that is popular among both men and women. During your private consultation, treatment options will be discussed with your doctor based on your conditions that need to be corrected. Generally, ideal candidates have excess, hanging skin and folds above their eyes or puffy skin below the bottom eyelid. These irregularities can cause functional problems that can get in the way of daily activities, but blepharoplasty can address these issues and also provide you with a younger appearance.

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How is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Depending on the type and complex nature of the eyelid surgery, some form of anesthesia will be provided. Eyelid surgery may be done on the top eyelid by itself, on the bottom eyelid, or a combination of both upper and lower.

  • Upper
    Upper eyelid surgery assists in reducing the loose skin that droops over the eye to create a more awakened and appealing look. An incision is usually made along the natural crease to remove skin and tissue.
  • Lower
    Lower bleph is performed to reduce bulging, bloated skin beneath the lower lid. In most cases, an incision is made along the lash line to surgically remove fatty tissue, and the skin is delicately lifted to produce a softer, flatter look.

What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can last up to two hours, depending on whether one or both eyes are treated. After surgery, you should expect to take about a week to recover at home. The results from blepharoplasty can last a decade or longer, but even though they are long-lasting, the aging process does not stop.

Blepharoplasty FAQs

Is eyelid surgery safe?

Yes, eyelid surgery is considered a safe procedure when performed by a specialist with years of professional experience. However, patients should be informed about potential risks and complications, which can include bleeding and infection. The team at Kirk Eye Center can review this information in full during your initial consultation.

How do you prepare for blepharoplasty?

To ensure the safest and most successful outcomes possible, it is important to follow all pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon. This typically includes avoiding strenuous activity, eating a healthy diet, and refraining from smoking or using certain medications/substances prior to surgery in River Forest and Gurnee, IL.

Will my blepharoplasty results look natural?

The goal of blepharoplasty is to create a more youthful and rested appearance. When working with one of our team members, you should expect results that look and feel natural. Our goal is always to create an appearance that complements your unique facial features and aesthetic goals.

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Younger-Looking Eyes

If your vision is impaired from excess skin on your upper eyelids, or you suffer from bulging bags under your eyes, then blepharoplasty at Kirk Eye Center may be the answer for you. This surgery can help you look refreshed and youthful while offering a beautiful answer to your vision impairment concerns. Please call our office in River Forest or Gurnee, IL to schedule an appointment.

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