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How Safe Are Implantable Contact Lenses?

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There has been an increase in the use of implantable contact lenses, or ICLs, to correct vision problems like nearsightedness. As ICLs continue to grow in popularity, there is a greater need for information on the safety and efficacy of these devices in the Chicago area.

Implantable lenses are life-changing for many people who have poor vision and want to lessen their reliance on glasses. Below, our board-certified ophthalmologists at Kirk Eye Center review some benefits and risks associated with Visian ICL and what to expect in terms of results. Call our practices in River Forest, Gurnee, or Chicago IL to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Who is a candidate for implantable lenses?

Implantable contact lenses correct your vision through thin, soft lenses implanted in the eye. ICLs are placed by a surgeon and generally do not need to be removed like a traditional contact lens. Kirk Eye Center recommends this advanced option for patients with nearsightedness who do not qualify for LASIK due to thin corneas or chronic dry eyes.

However, implantable contacts are not a good option for everyone. They are not suggested for people with certain eye diseases or significant astigmatism. It is important to undergo a comprehensive eye exam with one of our team members to determine if ICLs are a safe way to improve your vision. Our goal is to ensure you have the most successful experience possible with this technology.

Are ICLs safe?

Visian ICL is an FDA-approved surgical treatment for vision correction. The lenses themselves are made of safe biocompatible materials that will not cause an allergic reaction. They are even suitable for patients with thin corneas and dry eyes. This is because our procedure does not require creating a flap in the cornea, unlike LASIK.

Here's why patients at Kirk Eye Center choose implantable contact lenses in River Forest and Gurnee, IL:

  • Improve vision without glasses or traditional contacts

  • Suitable for people who are not qualified for LASIK

  • FDA-approved and safe for long-term wear

  • Less risk of complications

  • No daily care required

What are the risks of implantable lenses?

The risks associated with implantable contact lenses are very low. But as with any other vision correction procedure, patients must take certain precautions. Our board-certified ophthalmologists can review these in detail with you during a consultation. Common risks include under-or overcorrection, halos around lights, or increased intraocular pressure. Patients who follow our post-operative instructions do not generally experience any problems.

Kirk Eye Center also uses the latest technology and techniques for surgery. Our incisions are so small that patients do not require stitches, and our team closely observes your post-operative progress. We also ask patients to return for follow-up visits as needed. Most people find that their vision is almost immediately improved and they can resume normal activities with little to no disruption.

Safe vision correction with Visian ICL

Implantable lenses can correct your nearsightedness and improve your quality of life. If you want to learn about this innovative technology in the Chicago area, call Kirk Eye Center today to schedule an eye assessment. Our board-certified ophthalmologists will be happy to answer any questions and help decide if Visian ICL is the right choice for your needs in River Forest or Gurnee, IL.

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