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Can Too Much Sunlight Speed up Cataract Development?

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Cataracts are an all-too-common scourge that causes more global cases of blindness than any other condition. This sight-stealing condition is classified as a clouding of the eye's natural lens. And as a window into the deeper parts of the eye, including the light-sensing retina, a clear lens is necessary for good vision.

Therefore, seeking a timely diagnosis is in one's best interest, as earlier action is typically easier, quicker, and provides a better outcome. And our expert optical team at Kirk Eye Center is excited to help you enjoy a better outcome in Chicago, River Fores, and Gurnee, IL. Just reach out to us today to get a jump on your cataracts and help protect your eyesight.

Can too much sunlight speed up cataract formation?

What makes cataracts so common throughout the world? One primary factor is how they form: this is an age-related condition. It generally begins developing at 40 or so and is somewhat inevitable. The aging process causes body-wide breakdowns in cells and tissues, including in the eye, where the proteins that become degraded also begin clumping together. These clumps cloud the lens and block or scatter the light that would otherwise reach the retina. As the clumps cover ever-larger surfaces, individuals gradually lose their vision.

However, you can take precautions to slow the progression of cataracts by pre-empting risk factors. A simple way to do so is by wearing sunglasses and hats and avoiding exposure to UV light. These UV rays from the sun can damage multiple body tissues, including the proteins in the eye's lens. So, a pair of sunglasses that block harmful UV radiation and a hat with a brim or bill will assist in saving your eyes from damage caused by the sun's radioactive brilliance.

What are my treatment options for cataract removal?

Countless laser cataract surgeries have been performed over the past decades, restoring the sight of innumerable individuals who have regained their visual freedom. And if you're one of the millions dealing with cataracts, this laser-based procedure can give you the clear sight you need to excel and enjoy daily tasks and hobbies in River Forest, Gurnee, or Chicago, IL.

Whether mediated by laser or traditional cataract surgery, surgery is necessary to remove individuals' cataracts. Both types of cataract surgery are short, requiring only about 20 minutes to complete as we remove the clouded lens and replace it with a synthetic intraocular lens, an IOL.

It's an outpatient procedure with generally immediate results. Patients may see improved vision right after their procedure, though some may experience blurriness for up to a week or so until inflammation wanes. The overall healing period may be a month or two as the eyes settle and recover.

Contact us today to conquer cataracts

There's no reason to struggle with fading vision any longer if you're one of the many individuals experiencing the formation of cataracts. You can enjoy the same vision-clearing results that countless past patients have enjoyed.

We can help restore your visual clarity and eye health at Kirk Eye Center through laser or traditional cataract surgery. So, contact us today to explore your options in Chicago, River Forest, or Gurnee, IL.

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