LASIK Expectations

LASIK expectations at Kirk Eye will involve the need to establish your candidacy for LASIK eye surgery. We must perform a refractive surgery evaluation that includes our comprehensive eye exam plus several additional tests.

  • Full dilated eye health examination.
  • Undilated and dilated prescription measurement.
  • Normal and dim light pupil measurements.
  • Orbscan II corneal thickness measurement and corneal mapping.
  • Dry eye evaluation.

The refractive surgery evaluation takes about 120 minutes.

The LASIK Procedure

Once you are found to be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, your procedure will be scheduled.

On the day of your procedure, you should have a friend or loved one drive you. Your eyes will be numbed with special drops, and you will be led into the laser suite. You will remain awake throughout the procedure, and will be asked to focus on a fixation light.

LASIK corrects your vision in three steps:

  • A small instrument called a microkeratome is used to create a thin flap, which is then carefully folded out of the way.
  • The excimer laser reshapes the corneal.
  • The flap is replaced, where it adheres naturally.

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